Monday, March 2, 2009

Classic Style

Lately, I have been really into all of the classic, never-go-out-of-style articles of clothing such as blazers, plain cardigans, and dark flats. Over the weekend I saw the movie Love Story (if you haven't seen it...add it to your Netflix queue now) and was enchanted by Ali McGraw's classic khaki trench coat that she wears throughout the entire movie. For the past few years I've mainly been into brand names, and the typical jeans/t-shirt combo. Although this is still a staple of the outfits I wear everyday, I'm now trying to incorporate classy pieces such as vintage scarves, black patent leather flats, and black curve hugging blazers. I used to have to shop for new clothes every season because I followed the latest trends exactly, and when new trends come, it was time for a new wardrobe. This, obviously, became a very expensive habit very fast. But by buying classic pieces that won't go out of style I don't have to stock up on new trendy clothes every season. So, while also looking great wherever I go, I'll also have more money in my pocket which is a very nice thing to have right now. I suppose everyone learns the lesson of buying classic pieces that fit you well instead of sloppy designer clothes and you'll be set for life. :)