Saturday, November 13, 2010

Let it snow!

It's offical, the first snow has come and gone! Around midnight last night a few friends and I went outside to enjoy the gorgeous fluffy flakes that were falling all around. This picture was the view outside my window as soon as I woke up. Sadly, it was too warm to stick and today the rain washed the last few chunks of snow away, but this is a promising sign! Hopefully the weather will continue towards winter and stray from summer. I can't handle much more flip flopping! I'll just keep looking at this picture hoping that this week will bring snow, snow and more snow!! After all, we are in Wisconsin. I've heard many people complaining about how cold it is or how much they hate snow and I just don't understand it! If you hate this weather so much, why are you here? There are plently of states that don't get snow, ever! Also, if you're complaining about the "cold" 35 degree weather now, what are you going to say when it's -15 outside? Thats my little rant for the day. I'm just going to be positive and think, "Sweaters, scarves and mittens, oh my!"

Thursday, November 11, 2010

As the Leaves Fall

Charlotte Russe t-shirt; Levi's jean jacket; Forever 21 maxi skirt; UGG Australia boots; Zulugrass beaded necklaces; American Eagle heart necklaces
Thankfully the weather has turned more towards fall and less towards summer, although I still saw people wearing shorts and t-shirts today. (P.S. To everyone who doesn't live in the is a requirement as of November 1 to wear pants and at least a light jacket.) I wasn't feeling jeans today, and it was too windy to wear any of my dresses, so I opted for my maxi skirt. As I predicted, it has been a staple in my wardrobe. I can wear it on warm days since it is breezy and I can wear it on cold days with leggings underneath. Today I even went so far as to wear Uggs under it, which made for the most comfortable day ever for my feet. I love this look because it's so versatile. When winter actually does come, all I have to do is whip on some thicker leggings and a sweater and I'm ready to go! All I have to say is; snow? Bring it on.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Winter, oh winter, wherefore art thou?

As it grows nearer and nearer to the holiday season I can't help but want cold weather and snow. I have my sweaters unpacked and ready to go, but they have yet to see the light of day. The reason for this is the strange Wisconsin weather we've been having. Although I am used to snow in April or sunny days in December, I am not used to 65 degree days in the middle of November. As I dress for the day, I should be thinking about if I need gloves and a hat or not. Lately my thoughts are whether or not I should wear capris. This shouldn't even be an option! To help get my mindset into winter mode, I've been looking at all the gorgeous sweaters and chunky knits that are so in style come colder weather. The special thing about all these outfits is that they are all either sequined or sparkly, which is my favorite trend of the season. Just because its grey and gloomy outside doesn't mean that your clothes can't be fun!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Feathers Flying

While reading other fashion blogs, I always notice the number of items that were "thrifted", or found at a vintage store. I have always been jealous, because since I live in a small town, there aren't many options for quality vintage shopping. I've always loved the idea of vintage, of having something that nobody else has. Everytime I go on vacation I try to find the coolest vintage store and search it for the perfect item. I can easily find vintage scarves, pins, and jewelry on eBay, but I'm always wary of buying vintage clothing since you can't try it on before you buy it. While doing a weekend shopping trip with my girlfriends, we came across a store that had just recently opened. As I walked in I realized this was the shop I had been forever searching for! Although it was small and had a limited selection of vintage clothing, I managed to find this gorgeous feather print red dress. Fall has finally shown its true colors (literally!) and I had to slip tights on underneath so my legs didn't freeze. I then put on my shoes adorned with feathers to match the dress. I topped it all off with my beautiful khaki trench coat.

Banana Republic trench coat; Vintage dress; Target tights; Urban Outfitters flats