Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Winter, oh winter, wherefore art thou?

As it grows nearer and nearer to the holiday season I can't help but want cold weather and snow. I have my sweaters unpacked and ready to go, but they have yet to see the light of day. The reason for this is the strange Wisconsin weather we've been having. Although I am used to snow in April or sunny days in December, I am not used to 65 degree days in the middle of November. As I dress for the day, I should be thinking about if I need gloves and a hat or not. Lately my thoughts are whether or not I should wear capris. This shouldn't even be an option! To help get my mindset into winter mode, I've been looking at all the gorgeous sweaters and chunky knits that are so in style come colder weather. The special thing about all these outfits is that they are all either sequined or sparkly, which is my favorite trend of the season. Just because its grey and gloomy outside doesn't mean that your clothes can't be fun!


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