Monday, July 20, 2009


I've been looking for the perfect long tunic/t-shirt to wear over leggings as the seasons go from the warm summer months to cooler fall months. I was about to give up when I found this:

Its a tee from Forever 21, so of course its only $4.50! I couldn't believe do they manage to keep their prices so low? (The URL for this is here, if you wanted it.) Of couse, I'm going to buy about 5 different colors of this, because its a basic that can be used any season at any time. (Not to mention it comes in twenty differnt colors!!!) Trying to find cheap clothes now isn't easy, as most retailers have raised their prices due to the poor economy, but Forever 21 proves that it can still provide quality clothes at low prices no matter what the economy is. Although I may not be the number one candidate for buying cheap clothing, I still appreciate a good, reasonable price here and there.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The True Price of Denim

Although brand names are something that most people say they try to stay away from when trying to have their own sense of style, there are some things that money can buy. For example, I just found a completely adorable pair of True Religion jeans for $172. Even though this isn't cheap, I know these jeans will last me an incredibly long amount of time. And considering I wear jeans almost everyday of my life, thats a very good thing. I've heard from many people, "I would never spend over $150 on jeans. Thats ridiculous!" When I ask why they tell me they would rather spend their money on many things rather than one pricey thing. Okay, well, if you're going to spend over $150 on jeans, most likely they will last you awhile unless you don't do your research and end up with a pair of knock-off, crappy quality jeans. Also, if you spend $150 on say, 5 different things for $30 each, sure, you're getting more for your money, but when next season rolls around, are you going to have to spend the same $150 you spent last year to replace what you've worn through? If you buy a quality pair of jeans, they should last you for at least 5 years. This means that your average will be $30 per year. So, you can splurge on a pair of $150 jeans and get your money's worth out of them. Or you can save your money for short term, but not long term. By purchasing quality clothing and spending a little more money than you normally would, you end up spending less money. So the next time you put someone down for spending a little extra money on something, think about how much you have spent over the past few years.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Laid Back Hippie

As the weather gets warmer, and the necessity to wear lots of layers of clothing ends, it seems I have been sucked into the casual, laid back hippie style. Recently I discovered the brand Lucky Brand Jeans, which I immediately fell in love with. Their t-shirts are adorable, extremely comfortable, and some are even eco-friendly! (It seems being eco-friendly comes with the laid back attitude) Their sweatshirts are perfect in comfort, size, and quality. Their bags, though a little on the expensive side, are very trendy but you would still be able to use one for many years without getting sick of it. The trend of fringe hasn't quite caught up to me yet, and I expect it never will. Although I do have a vest from Urban Outfitters (also an amazing brand) that I love that has an almost fringe-like beading on the back. The main things that are catching my eye are light wash, frayed demin jean shorts, because they are the epitome of laid back cool. I love to pair them with a breezy tank or a vintage t-shirt and gladiator sandals. I found an amazing pair of gladiators last year and wear them almost every day in the summer. I suppose the warm weather has been getting to me, but I can already smell the freshly cut grass, barbeque and hot air already...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Classic Style

Lately, I have been really into all of the classic, never-go-out-of-style articles of clothing such as blazers, plain cardigans, and dark flats. Over the weekend I saw the movie Love Story (if you haven't seen it...add it to your Netflix queue now) and was enchanted by Ali McGraw's classic khaki trench coat that she wears throughout the entire movie. For the past few years I've mainly been into brand names, and the typical jeans/t-shirt combo. Although this is still a staple of the outfits I wear everyday, I'm now trying to incorporate classy pieces such as vintage scarves, black patent leather flats, and black curve hugging blazers. I used to have to shop for new clothes every season because I followed the latest trends exactly, and when new trends come, it was time for a new wardrobe. This, obviously, became a very expensive habit very fast. But by buying classic pieces that won't go out of style I don't have to stock up on new trendy clothes every season. So, while also looking great wherever I go, I'll also have more money in my pocket which is a very nice thing to have right now. I suppose everyone learns the lesson of buying classic pieces that fit you well instead of sloppy designer clothes and you'll be set for life. :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Leggings as Pants...?

Since when has it been okay to not wear pants? This new trend, wearing leggings as pants just doesn't cut it for me. It was okay when leggings were worn under long t-shirts or dresses as a way to cover your legs, but as pants? Not so much. Even girls that have gorgeously toned and trimed thighs can't seem to pull this off. Leggings pull and tug at your legs and make it seem like you have flabby legs even if you don't. Most girls that wear this trend insist on wearing it with boots and an almost-butt-covering sweatshirt. This may be okay for the gym, but not for public use. Although this is a style that I see all over, I refuse to participate in this widely unattractive new trend.