Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Laid Back Hippie

As the weather gets warmer, and the necessity to wear lots of layers of clothing ends, it seems I have been sucked into the casual, laid back hippie style. Recently I discovered the brand Lucky Brand Jeans, which I immediately fell in love with. Their t-shirts are adorable, extremely comfortable, and some are even eco-friendly! (It seems being eco-friendly comes with the laid back attitude) Their sweatshirts are perfect in comfort, size, and quality. Their bags, though a little on the expensive side, are very trendy but you would still be able to use one for many years without getting sick of it. The trend of fringe hasn't quite caught up to me yet, and I expect it never will. Although I do have a vest from Urban Outfitters (also an amazing brand) that I love that has an almost fringe-like beading on the back. The main things that are catching my eye are light wash, frayed demin jean shorts, because they are the epitome of laid back cool. I love to pair them with a breezy tank or a vintage t-shirt and gladiator sandals. I found an amazing pair of gladiators last year and wear them almost every day in the summer. I suppose the warm weather has been getting to me, but I can already smell the freshly cut grass, barbeque and hot air already...

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