Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Week in Photos

Top left: a sequined shirt from Eddie Bauer I found after cleaning my closet.
Top right: boots and sparkly socks on a cold, wet day.
Middle left: a mustache courtesy of my wonderful mother.
Middle right: paper voodoo dolls, to help or harm.
Bottom left: silver tree, fully decorated with mini ornaments.
Bottom right: ear man, as featured here

Between studying for finals, packing for home and an impromptu visit from my grandparents, my week has been far from boring.  I've been doing so much lately that I'm more than ready to relax at home.  To make my weeks a little less stressful, my mom sent me a care package filled with the silver tree in the bottom left of the picture and a little something for every day of December.  She did the same thing last year, and it's a great tradition to make finals easier to manage.  The paper voodoo dolls, mustache and ear man were all gifts included, as well as energy drinks, hot chocolate and yummy smelling lotions.  This upcoming week I have five finals left, out of the seven I had total this semester.  On Wednesday I'll finally be able to head home for a month to see friends, family and to drive my new car!  I hope that everyone has a wonderful week, but until next time; what was the highlight of your week?  Did you get a fabulous new haircut?  Did you ace that insanely hard math exam?

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