Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Here, Kitty Kitty...

(Please excuse the non-manicured nails. I have recently taken up biting them...again.)
Animal prints have never really been a staple of my closet. (Other than zebra print, which I absolutely adore!) I've never understood the need for a crocodile skin bag or a pair of ponyhair shoes. But, just like the trends, I change my mind a lot. I've decided that although I won't be buying a cheetah print shirt or pants anytime soon, I did want to be involved in the trend. Hence the cheetah spots on my fingernails! I was inspired by Lauren Conrad. If you want to see her much more manicured style, click here. It was actually very easy and didn't take much time at all! The steps to having kitty claws are as follows:
1. Use nail polish remover to take away any leftover nail polish or other grime. I like to use something that strengths my brittle nails.
2. Use a nail buffer. This helps the nail polish go on easier, and if like me, you're going to use a transparent base color, helps your nails look more polished. (Pardon the pun!)
3. Use a sheer pink nail polish color as your base. I used Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails Sheer French Color.
4. With a nail polish pen, paint circles on your nails. They don't (and shouldn't) have to be perfect, because you can cover up any mistakes with the black. I used gold, but you could also use white or brown.
5. Trace half of the circle with a sloppy line using a black nail polish pen.
6. Slick on one layer of top coat, preferably with sun protection in it, so your beautiful spots don't fade!
And just like that, you have an on trend statement piece that cost you less than $10!

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