Monday, October 11, 2010

Country Lady

Levi's jean jacket; Old Navy tank top; LC by Lauren Conrad skirt; TOMS shoes
When I was naming this post, I couldn't decide whether to call it "Country Lady" or "Downtown Lady". I thought this looked somewhere inbetween, since I'm wearing a beautiful and flowy ash pink skirt with a jean jacket. The jean jacket and the messy braid are the country side with the skirt, tight tank and bow being the downtown side. I've been wanting to try out the side braid with a bow for a while, and today was the day to try it, since my hair wasn't working with me. I had this outfit planned for while, with tights added onto it, but seeing as the seasons refuse to change, I nixed them and rolled up the sleeves of my jacket to stay a little cooler. Watch for the second coming of this skirt later in the fall when I'll add tights and a lightweight sweater!

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