Monday, October 11, 2010

Side Braided Bow

Don't these lovely ladies look gorgeous with their side braids? I love the girl on the bottom with the bow in her hair!

Whenever I have bad hair days (which thankfully hasn't happened much lately because of the wonderful weather!) I tend to stick with a ponytail. I try to do a bun or a french braid, but halfway through the day I tend to mindlessly pick at it until I give up on trying to keep it look "done". Then I put it in a ponytail so I can twirl it as much as I want. But as soon as I saw this look, I knew it was something I had to try ASAP! The most appealing things about the side braid are that it shows off my long hair (which I always feel a ponytail doesn't accomplish), it looks good the messier it gets (no more redoing it halfway through the day) and you can easily accessorize it by adding some sparkly bobby pins or, my favorite, adding a bow at the end! The bow seems like a perfect fall look, and although it doesn't feel like fall will ever come, I'm still going to pull out my boots, sweaters and bows!

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